thaiStart is a highly regarded business consultancy and accountancy services company based in Bangkok, Thailand

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Who we are


A highly regarded consultancy and accountancy services company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in offering expert guidance and support to international companies and individuals that are seeking to establish, operate a business and work in Thailand.

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What We Do

Professional Consultancy

thaiStart provides various professional
consultancy services for those investors seeking
a foothold in various business industries and
anyone interested in relocating and working in
Southeast Asia. There are compelling reasons
why Thailand would be a perfect country for
your company as it is considered one of the best
countries in Southeast Asia for business growth.

Why choose us

Elevating Success

The advantages of engaging in work and business operations in Thailand offer more significant benefits compared to the associated risks. However, based on personal experience, there are challenges to navigate, both in terms of culture and legalities. Learning through firsthand experience can result in expensive lessons.

With a background in establishing multiple enterprises in Thailand, we possess an intimate understanding of the challenges that businesses face. In light of this, our objective was to develop a service distinct from the majority of Thai legal and accounting firms. Our team comprises individuals well-versed in international business and local intricacies. This capacity enables us to offer a tailored approach that transcends mere formalities, fostering a partnership invested in your individual success or your company’s prosperity.

Company Startup

We assist with company registration, paperwork, permits, and regulations as well as offer market insights and partnership connections for business growth.

Board of Investment (BOI)

We make your investment become more achievable in Thailand by being certified under BOI Promotion.

Accountancy and Tax

We ensure your finances are managed well by providing full and hassle-free services for accountancy systems and taxation.

Living and Working

We give advice to reinforce in making decision about relocation and working in Bangkok, Thailand through considering several factors such as living condition and cost.

Meet our team

John Burgess

Managing Director

Thanyaluck Ashton

Operations and Finance Director

Haruetai Yubolwat

Communications Director

Working with us

a truted partnership

Often, in Thailand, we observe firsthand, as well as through our clients’ experiences, a transactional approach to business relationships. This approach can prove challenging, particularly when conducting business in a foreign country.

However, our approach sets us apart when working with clients. We actively invest in understanding your unique needs and tailoring our advice accordingly.
We consider this collaborative approach as essential, serving as the cornerstone for nurturing enduring, trust-driven relationships that extend well beyond the initial phases.


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Our partners

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Mission and Goal

Our mission is to provide our clients the best possible guidance and support in every step of the process. We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Our goal is to help clients succeed in Thailand by offering them the resources, expertise, and reinforcement they need to achieve business objectives.

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because communication matters

We have a deep understanding of both the challenges and opportunities of conducting business in Thailand. By collaborating closely, we empower our clients to navigate the diverse local market with confidence.

Our Office: No. 7 Summer Point Level 2, Office No. 17, Soi Sukhumvit 69, Phra Khanong Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Tel: +66 80-009-2291


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